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10 Tips for beginners in gym

By December 28, 2018No Comments

You know the feeling when you click on the picture of a delicious looking recipe and find out you need 43 species of ingredients, 4 hours and a gadget you haven’t heard of? Sometimes that’s how you can feel when you decide to get your body goals or the matter of fact just gets into shape. And when you start one day, lace up the sneakers and all set to hit for the gym but suddenly your friends and trainers bombarding you with workout tips about heart rate zones and cardio and weightlifting and some aggressive-sounding thing called HIIT.

Don’t get discouraged by going through all the information because you don’t need to be an expert to get results and with just a bit of basic info, you can start to see progress quickly

  1. Do not compare:

The guy beside you lifting 50 kgs has been lifting for long! You are a beginner and you need to understand that it would take time. Do not pressurize yourself.

  1. Know your surroundings:

For the beginners, the gym machines, types of equipment and people must be intimidating, therefore, get in touch with gym trainers about the equipment and how to use them and do not hurt yourself.

  1. Remember that it will take time:

Do not rush into things and lose hope if you don’t see results. If you want to lose weight, it won’t happen over a week or so. A permanent body transformation would take 3 months so stay patient.

  1. Gym clothes:

Make sure you are not wearing tight fitted clothes which are not even allowing you to move properly. Wear clothes which are neither too tight, nor too loose. Prefer cotton clothes which are breathable and comfortable

  1. No one cares

Everyone in the gym are too concerned about working out for their own body goals they don’t have time to notice your love handles or tummy. So remember that no one cares how you exercise.

  1. Do not forget the food

Your trainer can make the most out of you in that 1 hour of gym. But it can all go to waste if you are not eating well. Your transformation is 80% of what you eat and 20% of how you workout. Therefore stick to your meal plan schedule.




  1. Take care of your hygiene:

Personal hygiene is very important even if you are not working out. Take a bath after workout every time and keep your towel handy every time. Wipe off the sweat on the machines you used, it is very filthy to see someone else’s sweat on the machines you are using.

  1. Bring a water bottle:

Keep your sipper and towel handy while working out and keep yourself hydrated but make sure not to gulp a lot of water at once.

  1. Check yourself

Check your progress and evaluate yourself on a regular basis to know where you stand and where you lack. The best way to do this is clicking pictures on a daily basis.

  1. Avoid cell phones

Your family and friends can wait for one hour without you. Keep your mobile phones aside and avoid snap chatting while working out and save it for after the gym. Focus your mind & energy on working out only.

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