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10 Tips On How To Choose a Perfect Gym

By January 3, 2019No Comments

So you’ve finally decided to start a training programme and are on the search for the perfect gym that can cater all your needs or you’ve been working out at home religiously for a long time and you are now ready to hit the hard road which can keep you motivated which you usually tend lose while working out at home.

Finding a gym can be a really confusing task if you are a newbie. So here are few factors you should consider while looking for a new fitness home.



The most important factor while looking out for a gym is its location! You cannot be consistent if your gym is even 30 minutes away from your place! Your commute should be easy and less time-consuming. Choose a place which is near to your home or workplace. The more convenient you make it; the more regular you are likely to go!

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The machine is one of the main reasons someone joins a gym, else everyone can do at their home or park right? While going through them, take a note on what’s available, overall condition and quantity of the most used machines like smith machine, treadmills etc.



If you are a beginner, you would need personal assistance and in-depth knowledge about how to use the machines and the correct posture of exercises. Services like locker rooms, spa, showers, and sauna are the essential add-on’s if you want to.



Gym fee structure varies everywhere! Before paying your membership fees, verify any additional fees like annual maintenance and cancellation fees if you change your mind. Make sure you are not paying anything extra, as it can leave a bad taste in your mouth and a big hole in your pocket.


Before registering yourself make sure the gym is open till late at night and earliest in the morning as possible so you have a full window of time slot to choose in case if you are not able to go in your own timings.



Is there enough space in gym for moving the bars and machines? Do they have proper flooring? Do they have enough trainers to correct your posture so that you won’t risk your back or any body part? Make sure you get answers of questions like these before joining the gym.



It is not a big issue at first but when you start getting into the atmosphere and working out, you will find yourself uncomfortable working out with dirty and sweaty machines. Make sure you yourself clean the benches and machines after using it. Check upon the hygienic sanitary conditions, fresh towels, clean water and glasses and an overall clean place.



Seeing plates and rods everywhere when you enter a gym can be a big turn off. The placement of plates, dumbbells etc when not in use can tell a lot about the gym rules and its crowd.


The diet that works is the one you stick to and the same is true with the exercise. It will not work if you won’t do it regularly. Choose what’s best for you! And if we are talking about the best our custom training and meal plans have worked wonders for over thousand of our clients, from a newbie to professional everyone are satisfied and happy.

Your health is the only thing that stays with you whole life! Be informed & choose correct!


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