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Top 5 Myths About Sugar

By October 17, 2018No Comments

 “Sugar makes you fat”

“Sugar is bad for health”

“Sugar causes diabetes”

“Eating candies will rot your teeth”

“ it makes your immune system weak”

Being a health conscious you have heard these lines or even you say it too many people! But how do you know this? And how can you be so sure about it? There are so many historical claims about this. Eating it has been always linked to obesity and the root cause of many diseases such as diabetes and heart attack! This makes us feel guilty even after eating a normal amount of sugar.

 the “sugar is forbidden if you want to be fit” people are just misled, and in this blog, we’ll discuss why.

And as a little disclaimer, I’m not going conclude by telling you that you can eat all the sugar you want and look and feel great. That isn’t true either. But as you’ll see, eating sugar, especially when part of a proper diet, just isn’t nearly as problematic as many people think.

All sugars are a form of carbohydrates which acts as fuel and provides energy to the body.

It has earned a very bad name in terms of healthy food. Fitness freaks and celebrities stay far away from sugary substances due to myths prevailing in the field for so long about its effect on the body!

Here are some myths busted about sugar!

It doesn’t make you fat

That’s true! Sugar doesn’t make you fat, overeating does! Your weight depends on how much calories you eat rather than consuming sugar. So if you give your body a lot more energy than it needs every day, whether, from excess amounts of protein, carbohydrate, or dietary fat, you’ll get fatter. Sugary desserts, however, makes you fat since they are loaded with fats and other processed ingredients which your body can’t recognize.

Sugar doesn’t ruin your health…. Unless you eat like crazy and don’t work out

If you exercise regularly and aren’t overweight, your body can deal with simple sugars just fine. if you’re overweight and don’t exercise, you shouldn’t be eating a bunch of simple sugars every day. You will be harming your health. on the other hand,

You’re not going to get diabetes or ruin your heart by eating a bit more sugar than necessary every day. However, anything in excess is bad. Remember, excess sugars are stored as fat by the body for future use. You can consume up to 5-8 tbsp of it daily depending on your body type and fitness goals.

It is not addictive.

Sugar doesn’t cause addiction as drugs do, It provides energy and makes you feel good, therefore, it is not addictive if you are consuming it in a recommended quantity a day which is 6 teaspoons for females and 8 teaspoons for males.

All sugar is the same with a different name

White sugar, brown sugar or honey all are same and break down into glucose. They are all carbohydrates which can be used as glucose, in the end, they are all same and no better than any other form. Of course, each one has their own upsides and downsides but substituting one form of sugar for another is just a waste of money. Stevia, however, is a naturally occurring 0-calorie substitute for sugar that you can go for.

Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease and happens when insulin-making cells in the pancreas are destroyed. This happens because something goes wrong with the body’s immune system. It has nothing to do with how much sugar a person eats. You are more likely to develop diabetes if you are overweight or obese because extra stored fat can lead to insulin resistance. This makes a diet heavy in it an indirect cause of type 2 diabetes. It’s simple, being in a caloric surplus of processed foods with little or no physical activity will make you fat and unhealthy inviting hundred’s of deadly diseases.

Sugar doesn’t cause cavities

Cavities are caused by acidic foods and drinks which decays the tooth enamel. So it isn’t the cause for tooth decay. The sole reason why sugar has such a bad reputation is that it is used in almost all unhealthy dishes that taste good. It is not to be blamed. The unaccounted mix of ingredients is to be blamed.

Summing it up, having too much sugar will lead to problems like weight gain and long-term health issues. But, glucose is essential to our body. Eliminating all sugar from your diet would be impossible. Fruits, potatoes, and other starchy foods all have high glycemic indexes, so you’d have to eliminate all of them before your it intakes whittles down to nothing. Keep your sugar consumption to recommended levels and you are good to go.

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