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7 Tips To Remember That Will Make Your Workout So Much Effective During Quarantine

By April 30, 2020No Comments

If you feel like your workout schedule has been thrown up in the air, due to Coronavirus swept in and now you’re scrabbling to pick up the pieces, we really feel you! However, instead of letting your normal fitness schedule slip, we bring you seven tips for doing the effective workout at home!

We understand that a home workout can seem like it would be less effective than gym based counterpart but that just isn’t true. Who says you can’t do workout from your living room floor? Workout can be still as serious as the one you do in the gym. Just try to keep a schedule that gets you up and moving everyday.


  1. Post/Pre workout meal

    It’s best to take a protein/carb shake just before your workout and then just after. Taking it before your workout increases the flow of amino acids to your muscles during training, giving them the building blocks they need. After the workout, the shake stimulates muscle growth. Also take a small protein/carb meal 60-90 minutes after a workout.


  1. Don’t abandon H2O.

    – Be sure to be hydrated throughout the day. It takes a couple of hours for your body to absorb the water, so you can’t just drink right before exercise. Make it a habit to drink water regularly throughout the day.


  1. Pick a cardio exercise you enjoy

    It’s no fun to exercise if you hate it and obviously you won’t keep it up for very long. Pick something that’s fun like cardio dance class! After the initial phase when you’re getting used to exercise, you’ll eventually look forward to it. At the end of the day, the best workout is the one you’ll actually do.


  1. Always warm up and cool down

    – This exercise tip will help you maintain your mobility, flexibility and prevent injury. Take 5-10 minutes to gradually raise your heart rate at the beginning of a workout and lower it afterward.


  1. Be mindful of your diet

    Maybe you’re not eating as cleanly as you normally do in your usual work routine but here’s the golden opportunity to cook your meals at home by controlling every ingredient. Eating a well- balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities. Also, remember that weight loss diets should never leave you starving or feeling exhausted. We plan healthy customized diet plans, which helps you to support your lifestyle and fitness goals. So, skip the fad diets. Focus on adopting a healthy eating habit.


  1. Give High Intensity Interval Training a try 

    High intensity interval training or HIIT, referred as short bust of hard work followed by periods of recovery. The work periods are typically short from 20-90 seconds, during which you should be doing various kind of exercises. The main appeal of HIIT is that it is incredibly effective as you are packing in so much work during those hard intervals by keeping your heart rate up. HIIT can also help with fat loss because you are burning calories after your workout, this is know as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. You don’t even need any equipment to do a HIIT session – here’s a 20 min HIIT workout you can do anywhere, anytime.


  1. Commit to getting sleep 

    Sleep is hugely important for many reasons, your fitness game included. Allowing your body to recover properly makes it easier to crush a workout the next day. If you’ll be sleep deprived, you won’t have as much energy to work your hardest.


Don’t waste your time by keep browsing workout videos available on the Internet. Goal for each individual is different like for one person it might be to lose 10 kg’s while for any other be to get off the couch and finally start moving. At ParaFit, we have home workouts suitable for every level of exerciser; to help you hit every kind of fitness goal, whether you’re an experienced lifter trying to bulk up at home with dumbbells or a newcomer to get into shape, or anything in between.


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