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How To Celebrate A Guilt-Free Diwali

By November 13, 2020No Comments

Diwali is just around the corner! We are clearly not going to say “NO” to any of the drool-worthy Diwali food! But what follows after days of bingeing on laddoos and mithai’s, is immense guilt L

And it becomes difficult to keep your diet on track, doesn’t it?

If you’ve been thinking for a way to relish these festive days with full fever without compromising on your diet, then here we are with a few smart tricks for a guilt-free Diwali:

  • Plan your day ahead:If one meal goes for a toss, make sure the rest of the meals are on track. While moderation is a generally good idea for anyone with pre-existing medical conditions. Tweak your snacks by giving them a twist of nutrition instead of buying from the market.


  • Party night:If you plan to go out, do not go on an empty stomach. Try to eat snacks like mix veg/fruit salad, corn chaat, sprouts or yogurt topped with nuts etc. It will make you full and prevent binge eating outside.

  • Don’t give up on sweets:It would be evil if you think to cut out the sweets entirely during this season. Instead, go for healthier options and watch your portion sizes. For example: Deck up your dining table with dry fruits or dark chocolates, date mithai, etc. over other sugar-coated sweets.

  • Hydration & Alcohol:Just limit to two drinks this festive season because alcohol dehydrates your body. Also, avoid taking other aerated drinks as they’re just empty with extra calories. Try to gulp down water instead of waiting thirst to strike first.

  • Do not skip working out: Many people consider festivals and holidays as a good-enough excuse to skip workout. Try to take out half an hour or at least 15 minutes every day to exercise. Tabata and HIIT are two popular short-duration workouts that can be finished within 15-20 minutes.


Make easy food swaps: This is one tip you can follow all around the year and not just for Diwali. Weight management is not just hard work, you also have to be smart about it. Instead of fried food, opt for baked, steamed or boiled food.

  • Don’t forget to do Detox! It is not just those extra kilos we tend to pack during this season, but also the difficulty our body can face in digesting and assimilating the festive diet- rich in fats, sugar and carbohydrates as well as alcohol. Try our 10-Days Detox Cut Diet which is especially designed to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. And if you’re from Delhi NCR devour delicious, fresh and tasty detox meals delivered right at your doorsteps.


Diwali is all about getting together and enjoying the things we don’t get to enjoy around the year – the presence of all our loved ones in one place in one moment and hogging on tasty treats! So long as you are not worried, you can enjoy food without feeling guilty!

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