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 Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

By February 14, 20192 Comments

The feeling of looking for a bathroom first wherever you go might be very disheartening. Thinking 10 times before going out can almost ruin any special day of your life. This means that everyday locations like malls, parks, movie theaters, classrooms, offices) feel risky, and people might start to limit their activities. People with IBS often fear and avoid many foods believed to trigger IBS attacks, leading to loss of pleasure in eating as well as reduced opportunities to socialize.

So what’s IBS?

IBS is irritated bowel syndrome, a mix of belly discomfort or pain and trouble with bowel habits: either going more or less often than normal or having a different kind of stool which can cause diarrhea, Constipation, Belly pains or cramps, usually in the lower half of the belly, that get worse after meals and feel better after a bowel movement , bloating, Harder or looser stools than normal (pellets or flat ribbon stools) or  belly that sticks out

So why are you suffering from IBS exactly?

No one knows.

Its Symptoms cannot be connected to a single cause, people with IBS have a colon that gets affected to a variety of things, including foods and stress.


  1. High-fiber diet

Fiber adds bulk to your stools, which smooths the movement. Fiber loaded foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are nutritious and helps to prevent constipation.

  1.  Low-fiber diet

While fiber can help some people, increasing fiber intake can worsen if you frequently have gas and diarrhea. focus on sources of soluble fiber found in items, such as apples, berries, carrots, and oatmeal.

  1.  Gluten-free diet

Gluten is a protein found in different grains such as bread and pasta. The protein can disrupts the working of intestines in people who are gluten-intolerant.

  1. Elimination diet

Avoid foods like

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Insoluble fiber
  • Nuts
  1. Low-fat diet

Consuming high-fat foods for a long time contributes to a variety of health issues., it’ll be better for you to avoid it.

6. Best foods to eat during IBS

Eggs: eggs are easily digested so therefore a good choice for a person who has IBS.

Salmon and Other Omega-3 Fish: Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory role within our body.

Nuts: Nuts are a good source of fiber, protein and those anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

Seeds: They are good source of fiber as well as omega-3 fatty acids. You can sprinkle them on top of salads or oatmeal, or add them to your smoothies.

Fermented Foods: Fermented foods are prepared in such a way that the food contains many natural strains of pro-biotics— those good-for-you bacteria.



  1. Insoluble fiber

Fiber adds healthy bulk to the diet. Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits contain fiber. Although fiber tolerance is different for different people, insoluble fiber may cause or worsen diarrhea in some people with IBS.

  1. Gluten

Gluten is a type of protein some people are allergic to, so it can increase its symptoms.

  1. Dairy

Dairy is problematic for two reasons. First, it contains fat, which can increase diarrhea. And second, many people with IBS are lactose intolerant.

  1. Certain Vegetables

Vegetables like Beans  are great source of protein and fiber but  increases bulk in stool to help constipation. Garlic and onion are Difficult for your intestines to break down, which causes gas even Broccoli and cauliflower These foods are difficult for people to digest.

  1. Caffeinated drinks

Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks that contain caffeine can be triggers for people with IBS.

  1. Processed foods

Most processed foods , are also often fried or high in fat. Always try to make your meals yourself or buying foods that are made fresh.

  1. Sugar-free sweeteners

These ingredients are hard for your body to absorb.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate bars can trigger IBS because of their concentration of caffeine and their high sugar content.

  1. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages trigger people with IBS because of the way the body digests alcohol.


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