My story

My story.

how I transformed my body!

Meet Paraj Primlani, the man behind ParaFit. Paraj embarked on his journey into fitness more than three years ago and ever since his sole initiative has been to learn and to grow in the same field. His dramatic and remarkable journey was full of many ups and downs which makes it worth sharing with you all...

Struggling with weight and obesity throughout his teenage years, Paraj suffered from many ailments and social apathy. The feeling of being unable to participate in any intense physical activities became a huge cause for dejection.


After finishing school, Paraj decided to pursue Chartered Accountancy. But working in a corporate job has its own perils - the sedentary lifestyle, combined with the stress, and long tiresome travel every day eventually took a toll. He also had to spare few hours daily to study and this compromised his sleep cycle. All the resultant stress lead to unnecessary weight gain.

As someone who always dreamt of a lean body and a fit lifestyle – looking in the mirror, he realised that this isn’t the man he wants to be. As they say, “It’s the choices that make us who we are”, Paraj came to point where it was absolutely necessary to bring about that massive change in his routine. He started working out daily, researched extensively through fitness blogs, pages, interviews, and proactively sought out to learn the best practices in the fitness industry.


As a result of which he managed to shed 28 kg in 8 months, bringing his weight down from 88 kg to 60kg! The feeling of witnessing his abs and muscles for the first time was an ecstatic one, and there was no looking back. It is definitely true that when you start seeing results it becomes an addiction. This was only the beginning for Paraj, and he persevered on expanding his knowledge in the field of nutrition and training.


The journey, however, was not one without bumps... sometimes in life, everything doesn’t go your way. In 2016, Paraj had to appear for his last hurdle, the CA finals for which he studied up to 18 hours a day, mostly confined to his study corner. The pressure was huge and stress-eating lead to a staggering weight gain of 10kg. This was followed by a series of disastrous events that started to downsize the hard work that Paraj had put in earlier to bring about a change in his lifestyle.

As many of us must have experienced in our moments of despair, he succumbed to junk food, alcohol, and questionable behaviour. This not only wrecked his physique but nearly his life, in the process. The dark period didn’t seem to end and soon he felt he had started to drift away from his goal.


As a true believer in hard work, Paraj always believed that one should have the power to create one's own destiny. He decided that he won’t let his passion die, so he got his act together and adopted the best practices that he learnt, on himself to get back in shape.
In just 6 months he managed to drop down to 8% body fat and get the physique he always yearned for.
This is when he decided that he should share his knowledge and experience with others in helping them achieve the results they want which lead to the inception of ParaFit.

Alongside his daily life, Paraj sought out to get certified as a nutritionist and completed the course under Trifocus Fitness (A globally recognised academy). He then decided to combine the knowledge from his course, over 100 fitness and nutrition - related books, real world training examples and research to create 'HIITLean' and 'AbAttack'. These practices combine the best of the fitness industry and bring you desired results in the shortest period of time.
Paraj lives by only one mission – to positively impact the lives of other people, helping them transform their body to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.
And he will not stop until its done.
The question still remains.
Are you with him?

Paraj Primlani

Be patient
Believe in yourself
Stay the course, and`
Let’s Get Fit…