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Protein Myths

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Vegetarians do not eat much protein, men should not eat soy, dairy is bad for your health, more protein means more muscles. There are many more myths prevailing in the society that just won’t go away. Allow me to set the record straight.


Here are a few myths prevailing which we need to debunk


MYTH 1: You should not consume protein if you are not working out

That is the first and the biggest myth of all. Whey protein or any other kind of protein is just an additional supplement to your diet if you are not getting enough protein from your diet. It doesn’t matter if you are working out or not if you are not getting the daily value of protein from your diet, you can take protein supplements.


MYTH 2: More protein = More muscles

It is true that your body can’t properly repair or generate muscles without the essential amino acids found in food sources of protein.  Just eating protein isn’t enough to build or maintain strength and muscle mass, You need exercise to do that. Excess of everything is harmful so your daily protein intake should be calculated on the basis of your body weight and how active your lifestyle is.

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MYTH 3: Cutting on protein will make you lose weight

consuming insufficient protein can actually make it harder to lose weight since the nutrient helps keep you full and your metabolism boosted. If you do lose weight by cutting the protein, chances are its muscle – not fat – loss. What’s more, not eating enough protein can lead to other side effects including fatigue, weakness, leg swelling (edema) and a suppressed immune system, which can result in more frequent illness


MYTH 4: High Protein diet will damage your kidneys

Consuming excess protein only harms the kidneys if you have underlying kidney or liver disease since healthy kidneys are very strong and good at expelling the extra nitrogen that comes with eating lots of protein. people also think that high protein diet weakens your bones, though it might possible since excess protein intake causes you to pee more calcium out. you include calcium-containing foods and a supplement if necessary to avoid a calcium deficiency.


MYTH 5:  Protein’s major role is to build muscles.

Apart from building, maintaining and repairing body tissues and muscles. Protein helps in building components, such as skin, muscles, bones, and organs. Many hormones and enzymes that function to regulate body processes are made of protein. Protein is also used to make antibodies to fight disease.


MYTH 6: You can absorb only 30gm in a meal and the rest of it gets waste

When you eat protein, your stomach uses its acid and enzymes to break it down into its building blocks-amino acids. Certain proteins are absorbed very slowly and others are processed very fairly quickly. Even if you eat extra protein than what the intestine can process at a single time, the extra does not get wasted and rather keeps on getting digested and processed in the intestines as the concentration of amino acid keep decreasing in the bloodstream.


MYTH 7: Everyone should take whey supplement.

Even if you are working out regularly and you are consuming adequate protein according to your body weight and activity levels you do not need to take additional supplements. You can have it when you are not getting enough from your diet

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