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Partner With Us

Why Partner With Us

Leading in healthy space with 7+ years of experience, 80+ team members including in house dietitians, we help people achieve their fitness goals through our delicious and personalised food.
350 + menu options ranging from Indian, continental, Lebanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian cuisines.
50,000+ successful transformations and unique combination of subscription and alacrte that boosts sales.
Food that is loved by everyone. 4.3+ rating on google, Zomato and Swiggy. Astonishing 79% repeat user orders.
Impressive Social media presence with over 150k+ followers on Instagram.

How can you partner with us

Proposal to expand and conquer new territories in Delhi NCR and India with a tech enabled hub and spot model

Redefining healthy eating with an aim to open a mix of 15+ cloud and retail outlets on franchise model in every metro city

Ensuring consistent quality and taste across all outlets with a centralised company owned base kitchen in every city

Multiple sources of revenue from various brands that operate from one place.

#Support Services provided by us:

1. Location Scouting:

We conduct thorough research to identify optimal outlet locations, ensuring maximum visibility and foot traffic.

2. Training and SOPs:

Comprehensive manpower training and assistance in setting up Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) guarantee operational efficiency and excellence.

3. Tech Integration:

We facilitate the integration of necessary software to transform outlets into tech-enabled hubs, enhancing productivity and customer experience.

4. Interior Design:

Our expert team provides interior design solutions, creating inviting spaces that reflect the ParaFit brand ethos.

5. Freshness Assurance:

Daily supplies of semi-finished meals ensure taste, freshness, and quality, empowering franchisees to deliver exceptional dining experiences.

6. Strategic Marketing:

From out-of-the-box marketing strategies to performance marketing initiatives, we drive ROI and amplify brand visibility.

7. Profit Optimization:

We offer insights to minimize wastage and maximize profits, ensuring sustainable growth and success for franchisees.

8. Leverage on online aggregators like Zomato & Swiggy:

We will get the outlet onboarded at a highly reduced commission charge with added benefits of cofounding discounts to ensure that the discount burnt on online orders is re invested in marketing by the aggregator.

9. Marketing support:

  • Social Media Ads: Engage audiences with targeted Instagram and Facebook ads.
  • PR Services: Secure media coverage to enhance brand credibility.
  • Influencer Tie-ups: Partner with influencers for wider reach and authenticity.
  • Pamphlet Printing: Spread the word locally with printed materials.
  • Offline Media: Extend visibility through traditional advertising channels.