Custom Meal Plan


  • Special custom 4 week diet plan for you!
  • the results you always wanted with one month’s subscription of our custom meal plan by following carb cycling, intermittent fasting and other popular dietary regimes tailored keeping your routine, meal preferences, allergies and fitness goals in mind. Eat foods like burgers, pasta, pancakes and never stay hungry again. From your deficiencies to your skin glow- everything will be taken care of.Get
  • Only for ₹ 3500/month.


Our Custom Meal Plans tell you what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and how to make it for 4 full weeks taking you to your goals like Google Maps does to your location – right to the pin?(your ideal body)
On our custom 4 week meal plan you will get a carb cycle that brings you through high, low, and medium carb days to keep your body burning fat and keep your weight loss from plateauing.
Get a meal plan for your fitness goals that are actually tailored to your likes, dislikes, and your actual body stats!
This means nothing pre-made, one size fits all. It’s fit for you, and only you.
With that type of tailoring, you will be sure to shred fat and hit your goals.



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