Custom Training Plan (At Home)


  • Monthly subscription Training Plan
  • Get the physique you always craved for without stepping in the gym within a month with custom training plan at home. Build muscles and tone your body without lifting heavy weights. Do it anywhere, anytime and everywhere.


Don’t have time to go the gym and yet crave for a perfect chiseled body?
Our custom triaining plan – AT HOME brings to you a scientifically designed triaining plan with which you can work each and every muscle group without stepping out of your room. Strength training, cardio, H.I.I.T and Core workouts; everything without paying up for the gym.
Get a full month’s triaining plan tailored to your fitness goals, stamina, routine and capabilities on your mobiles/tabs on the go. A pair of light weight dumbbells, a resistance loop band and our custom training plan – AT HOME is all you need to get your dream body this summer’s.



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