Customised Diet + Workout plan

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Guaranteed results, weekly follow ups, easy to follow diet plan, customized training plans, follow along workout videos, exclusive access to ParaFit App, Recipes, and lifestyle changes guidance.

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Fully Customised

Completely customised super shred diet plan tailored keeping the minutest details like your social life, eating patterns, medical conditions, injuries, stamina etc in mind to give you the fastest results.

Insane Results

See results on a weekly basis with the magical combo of our diet and workout plan. Target your problem areas with the perfectly built plan for you.

Health Issues

Health issues like PCOD, Thyroid, diabetes, IBS etc would be kept in mind while making the diet plan. Precise counselling for all kinds of ailments. Workout plans are designed keeping all injuries in mind.

Parafit App

Track your diet, workouts, steps, sleep, water intake etc with our Parafit App. Regular follow ups to make sure that always on the course even while you’re travelling.

What you will get?

One month’s subscription to a customized diet plan according to your body & fitness goals

Dedicated recipes for all the meals prescribed

One month’s subscription to a customised workout plan (Gym & at home, both options available) tailored keeping in mind your fitness level and stamina.

A list of healthy groceries you would be needing for the month along with recipes!

100% money back guarantee

Unlimited substitutes of the meals if you can’t have the healthy food prescribed

Exclusive access to our E-Diet App with complementary nutritionist appointments

24*7 nutritionist support, progress tracking & motivation

100% money back guarantee

How it works? Over 40000+ Successful Transformations!

Want To Know How A Day's Diet Looks Like?

More than 40000+ transformations!

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