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There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does!

Maintaining a healthy nutritious lifestyle may be difficult, when you are occupied in a 9 to 5 job. Everyone wants to live and feel healthy and Staying balanced and healthy will improve your mood at work too. When you are working full time, staying healthy may feels like a burden but we are here to fix it for you, below you’ll find the ways to actually manage your diet & enjoying it while being engaged at work. Win-Win situation. Isn’t it?



Sweat it all

Exercising is the key element to keep our body fit. Exercise releases endorphins aka happy hormones. Things like cardio, Pilates, Zumba will make you feel more energetic and happy going If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym then try giving 15-20 min to our HIIT Lean, in which you can burn 220calories in just 20 minutes with just minimum equipments.


Grab more greens

A healthy outside starts from the inside. Have green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale etc to eliminate the risk of harmful diseases. They act like a pack of healthy nutrients and helps us to stay fit. There are numerous health benefits of eating green vegetables like improved vision, strengthen bone health, protects liver, etc. We at ParaFit aim to make everybody fit. Since our customized diet plans are tailored according to your goals, likes and dislikes. With the yummiest food delivered at your doorstep. Maintaining a healthy diet with 9 to 5 job becomes easy peesy lemon squeezy.


Cut down coffee

Drinking coffee excessively throughout day may affect your sleeping pattern. Caffeine overdose can cause cardiorespiratory, gastrointestinal problems. Depression, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and headaches are the frequent problems, seen in people. Declining coffee can make you feel unfocused early morning but once you get used to it, you’ll feel stable and won’t have blood pressure problems at all. Instead try having smoothies, shakes and juices.


Get more sleep

An average person requires 8-9  hours of sleep, but most of them don’t usually get it. Lack off sleep can cause fatigue, bad mood and less concentration. Sleeping improves mental as well as physical health. Try taking short naps while commuting to work or in break time, it will reduce sluggishness and will improve your mood, boost alertness. And no dark circles for a win.


When you wake up in the morning try quitting habits like checking your phone and instantly replying mails. Happy hormones are at peak in the morning. So, starting your day with a good note is important.  Also ending your day on a good note, will allow you to look forward to another day.  Lack of enthusiasm creates unhappiness in the environment so try looking at everything that comes your way with a positive attitude it will trigger some sort of happiness. There is no need to waste half of our lives feeling unsatisfied at work, take a look at your priorities and then go for the right thing.

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