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The sweet danger of sugar cravings


Are you struggling with your sugar cravings? If yes, then how to stop these should be your first priority, if it isn’t already. By the time you finish reading this blog, you will be equipped with everything you need to conquer these sugar cravings in order to reach your health and weight loss goals. Many times our cravings for sugar is more for emotional need because when sugar enters our bodies, it triggers the release of certain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which gives us pleasure and a sense of relief.

Overtime, when we consume sugar, the sensation of sweet taste becomes uncontrollable and we tend to eat more and more of it, which becomes a vicious cycle. The excess of sugar in your diet can lead to the risk of obesity and diabetes.


Negative effects of excessive sugar on your body


  • Fatigue – Consuming a lot of sugar creates an imbalance in blood sugar levels, which can crumble your mood and results in fatigue.
  • Tooth decay – When sugar sits on your teeth it causes decay more efficiently than any other food does. Which is why it is recommended to brush at least twice a day.
  • Heart disease – Artificially sweetened beverages are dangerous and can lead to the risk of heart disease, which can also negatively affect your gut health.
  • Aging – Sugar makes you age faster. Yes! You heard it right. Our skin is composed of elastin and collagen, which makes our skin baby soft but when sugar cross-link collagen, it results in loss of elasticity of the skin. Sugar can make your skin look worse with increased acne, dark spots or sagging of chin or cheeks area.


Conquer your sugar cravings!!


  • Reach out for fruits – Having fruits and a handful of berries can add sweetness and supply nutrients without adding refined sugar.
  • Eat regularly – Eat bigger meal for lunch loaded with good protein, fats and veggies. Waiting for too long between meals and settling for something sweet can cut your hunger.
  • Eat safely – Satisfy your sweet tooth by eating safely so that it will keep you fuller for long. Like having granola bars and yogurt.
  • Use natural sweeteners – It’s better to go with natural sources of sugar like stevia, honey or coconut sugar. Artificial sweeteners are equally harmful because they don’t process well in our body and may have side effects like headaches.
  • Get enough sleep –You might be tossing or turning all night because poor sleep increases the hunger hormone called Ghrelin. So, to crush craving it is very important to have 6-7 hours of quality sleep.

Healthiest sugar substitutes


  • Dried fruits – Apricot, Fig, Dates or Raisins.
  • Fresh fruits – Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Berries
  • Honey or Stevia
  • Maple syrup and unsweetened Applesauce.



When a sugar craving hits, remember that it won’t last more than 20 minutes. Distract yourself and have some water because body needs water in order to flow blood with right amount of pressure.

Adding Cinnamon powder on something sweet, before eating reduces blood sugar level and improves insulin sensitivity by decreasing the insulin response to sugar.

 Keep a track on what you eat and be gentle with yourself. Keep an eye on your sleep, mood and hunger levels, which will help you to give insight on how to improve eating habits. We at ParaFit Delivers, focus and encourage people to pursue small but healthy lifestyle by proving them customized diet and food so that you can have balanced meals and feel more satisfied.

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