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Thumb rules for gaining weight

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If you are a skinny person who is known to eat a lot of food and gets asked ‘how are you still skinny?’ everytime! You are an ectomorph. Ectomorphs have a super fast metabolism and find it very, very hard to put on muscle mass but don’t worry, many renowned fitness experts were ectomorphs. Here are 5 thumb rules for skinny people who are trying to put on weight.


To grow the muscles, you need to increase your calorie intake. if you are consuming 400-500 calories a day, increase it up to at least a 1000 calories a day. Try to consume home-cooked foods and don’t binge on junk food. It will only add up to a belly and excessive levels of cholesterol. Also, train hard because if you won’t, all the extra calories you are consuming will be deposited as fat. Check out Parafit Delivers.


The main key for building muscles is to lift heavy but Try not to show off on 20kg dumbbells if you can’t lift 12kgs-15kgs with proper form. Correct form is the key to hypertrophy aka muscle growth. Start with weights as heavy as you can and increase only when your form is proper and you are confident. concentrate on feeling the muscles while working out.


Water helps in better protein and vitamin absorption. If you are dehydrated, there are chances that the protein which you are so consistently consuming, may not get digested properly. Also, Lack of water can cause poor performance at the gym, frequent cramps and more muscle damage. Consume at least 3-4 liters of water in a day for better recovery and performance.


Consuming mass gainer isn’t wrong until and unless you are using them for their actual use which is supplementation. They are to supplement your diet and not replace it. Most of your calorie-intake should always come from the natural diet you eat.

  • Cardio after weight training – A 10-15 HIIT cardio session after strength training helps in preserving muscles and shredding fat.
  • Resistance training – Resistance training increases muscle strength and growth.
  • Dextrose – Having as less as 10-15gms of dextrose just after workout will help in absorbing protein instantly to your muscles for faster recovery and muscle growth.
  • Sleep– the muscles which get damaged after an intense workout needs rest to grow. Focus on getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each day for better recovery.

Putting on muscle is a task for skinny people but since good things never come easy, muscle growth is also a hectic task that demands utter commitment and consistency.  Eat right, sleep well, and stay on track with the special Whatsapp group assigned for you, if you subscribe to the top notch combo of customized diet and workout plan.

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