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Top 4 Ways To Find Self-Love Through Food

By August 21, 2020No Comments

Top 4 Ways To Find Self-Love Through Food


Let’s talk about loving yourself through the food choices we make, shall we? There is no exaggeration that we are what we eat. Likewise making healthy food choices is an act of self-love.


Doesn’t it sound weird to stand in front of a mirror and telling yourself that you are amazing? While it is easy to praise “that girl” from our favorite TV show gorging on oily foods while staying super thin! Then we think there’s something wrong with us when our body doesn’t react the same way. While attempting perfection we tend to forget that how we feed ourselves plays a vital role in the relationship we fabricate with our sweet selves. We overwhelm ourselves with advertisements depicting that the only way to obtain our “dream body” is to restrict certain foods from our diet to make sure that one is consuming fewer calories than needed but we find our answers in fad diets or in the box of donuts. Most of us don’t know how to live healthy actually resides in just two words! – Eat moderately and exercise frequently. In this blog, we will share how to fuel our body’s effects on our mental and physical health.


Here are some ideas for nurturing a more loving relationship with food:


  • Focus on addition rather than subtraction: Adding at least 4 liters of water, a green smoothie, and large salad to your daily routine will do wonders for the way you feel but start with whatever feels comfortable.


  • Handpick your treats wisely: Literally drooling over that “Donut”? Who doesn’t love the taste of perfectly glazed and chewy donuts? They are nearly enticing, no?

Rather than gorging on processed garbage and then feeling ill after consuming them, opt for snacks that are gluten-free, low on calories, higher in protein content and less on sugar. Remember that small bites are those hidden ingredients, which pull down your weight. Whip up your own perfectly portioned snacks by combining unsweetened dried fruits with berries. As an added bonus, make it vegan! Or sprinkle omega 3-rich nuts on a fat-free flavored yogurt for some satiating healthy fats.


  • Hush the negative talk: You know that pesky voice that tells you that you should do something to lose weight or else you won’t look good enough.
    Part of loving yourself is acknowledging that voice and then ignoring it seemingly. A helpful tool is to nurture yourself with what your body wants, we just need to listen.


  • Admire your body: Mindless binging, tossing food into your mouth or noshing on junk while you’re driving or walking is disrespectful. Admire your body as you would a beloved child. Feed it gently with clean food and don’t indulge in cheap low- quality food or a bag of potato chips.


Start by paying attention to your body and responding with what your body needs. “Savor me time”. If you are battling with your weight or fed up with the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting then it’s high time to be free from that thinking. Create a peaceful relationship with your body and food. We also know that getting started can be incredibly overwhelming. All it takes is a small step towards a happy and healthy life. If you have no idea where to get started, WE are here for you!

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