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Who we are? is a place where magic resides. is a place where magic resides. Based in GK-1, South Delhi, was started by me (Paraj Primlani) in 2018 with the vision of transforming lives through healthy eating and science.

"Rest if you must, but don't you give up."

Paraj PrimlaniFounder, ParaFit

I live for just one thing

My vision is to provide all that it takes to stay fit under one roof. My mission is to give sure shot results in fastest time with science-based nutrition and exceptional quality of services. I live for just one thing and that is quality results without compromising on one’s social life or taste buds.

Our Accomplishments

ParaFit now is just not me. My vision is backed by a team of over 15 dedicated people who live to serve people with a dream to change the world bit by bit. With our persistence to sculpt out results and our client’s consistency, has managed to positively impact and transform over 1700+ lives in a years’ time. Real results, science-based nutrition and consistency is what we preach. With our experience, we can tell that the basic problem which people face during their fitness path is FOOD.

We can tell them what to eat, when to eat and how to eat but still few of them were lacking to follow it due to their busy schedules, time issues and many more reasons. Spreading our fire further and making their life easier, we started the idea of ParaFit Delivers with which people will get freshly cooked customized meals according to their diet at their doorstep and they don’t have to worry about what to eat anymore. We are now delivering transformations. Literally!!

How we do it?

Preparing an excellent culinary menu tailored to one’s diet is an art, requiring a lot of R&D, nutritional knowledge, exotic ingredients and secret methods. It took us month to curate recipes that will perfectly meet all major macro and micro requirements and would be loved by the taste buds too. All our meals are made up of fresh, whole and unprocessed ingredients.

Our choices of veggies, meat and dairy is the best in class and prepared at perfect temperature to preserve precious nutrients which are the life force of food. With extra virgin olive oil used for cooking each dish we make sure that you don’t compromise neither on your health nor on the taste. If you want to achieve your fitness goals in the fastest time and don’t get time to concentrate on your meals, this is the perfect place to restore your belief in magic.


Never compromise on your health. Go premium, invest in it.

Above all, Have patience Believe in yourself Stay the course!