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All meals are prepared freshly every morning and will be delivered wherever you go, Hot & Fresh


Delivery Timings

By default, all the meals will be delivered together in the morning slot between 6:30AM to 10:30 AM
If you want dinner to be delivered individually in the evening slot, kindly contact your nutritionist/ POC
An additional charge of ₹40/- per day will be charged for same which can be paid after you have taken the subscription
Timing for evening slot would be 4 to 8 PM
You can choose and change your delivery location and timings daily before 6pm for the next day directly from our app
You can even cancel/block any future meal or day which gets carried forward ahead before 6pm

*Double Slot Delivery available only at selected locations.

Kindly WhatsApp us at +91 9560702561 to know your exact delivery slot and timings.

✨✨ Upto flat 70% cashback on weekly plans. No code required
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