What is ParFit about?

ParaFit is all about real results in the fastest time. We believe in just 3 things- Consistency, science-based nutrition and results. Our mission is to cut out the crap lurking over Indian Fitness industry and provide quality services.

What is ParaFit Delivers subscriptions about?

After transforming over 2500+ lives with our online fitness plans, we have now come up with the idea of giving out meal subscriptions plans with which people can get their diet food delivered hot and fresh wherever they go.

What are the various delivery plans?

We have basically 5 plans. One day trial(3meals), 2 week subscription plan(2 meals), 2 week subscription plan(3 meals) and 4 week subscription plan(2 meals), 4 week subscription plan(3 meals).

What’s the best subscription plan for me?

Totally depends on your fitness goals. The 4 week diet plan with 3 meals delivery is our hottest selling.

What are the benefits of subscription?

Endless!! Cutting it short. You get to achieve your fitness goals in the fastest time by eating the tastiest foods. Just sit back, relax, eat the food delivered to your doorsteps and leave the rest on us.

How to subscribe for plans?

You can subscribe online only. Payment portal is integrated on our website. You can pay by net banking, credit/debit card, e-wallets. Just add your plan to your cart and checkout like you do online shopping.

Can I get subscriptions for only weekdays and specific days?

No, Since the diet and meal subscription go hand to hand, following it abruptly won’t show you results. However, you can block or pause your subscription for few days on special request if you want.

Can I change the delivery address for few days?

Yes, your diet will reach you wherever you go. Everyday you will be asked for your preferred delivery location. Home, office, party, your diet will reach you wherever you want. (click here to read more about our delivery schedule)

I am diabetic/ I have PCOD, is it okay for me to have the food subscription?

Yes, the diet plans are totally customized so our certified nutritionists will keep every minute detail including your diseases and deficiencies in mind.

Is there any plan for people with special dietary requirements?

Yes, since the plans are customized, every individuals’ dietary requirements are kept in mind while designing the plan.

I am travelling, can I pause the subscription?

Yes, you can block or pause your subscription on special request.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my plan?

Only if the reason meets company policies.

How do I renew my subscription?

There will be a renewal button on your dashboard after your login. Just click that and your plan will renew automatically.

I’m confused between the 2 weeks plan and 4 weeks plan?

Go for the 4 weeks plan. This way, you lose more weight and we earn more money. Win win for both of us.

How much weight can I lose?

All our plans work like magic. You will start seeing results within weeks and can lose upto 6-7 kg’s in just a month’s time.

I just need a diet plan not the food, I can cook myself.

For that check out our 4 week custom meal plan. It works like magic. Hop on to www.parafit.in

I don’t have time to work out, will I still lose weight by such fancy food?

Absolutely, the diet plan will be made accordingly, and you can lose weight even without working out by eating the yummiest food possible. That’s the magic we are talking about here.


I don’t have a subscription. Can I order?

Yes, you can order individual meals from Zomato, swiggy and other 3rd party apps. We have tie ups with them.

How do I order a single dish?

You can order from Zomato, swiggy, uber eats, food panda and other 3rd party aps. We are almost everywhere.

Can I choose the number of meals I want?

Yes, we have 2 meals and 3 meal option that you can choose from in each of the 2 week and 4 week meal subscription plans.

How soon can my subscription start?

Once you sign up, we take 3-4 days to design and upload your diet plan so the food subscription will start after 3-4 days too.

How much will it cost?

All plans are priced differently depending on the number of meals and days. You can check out our services section for the individual pricing.

How much time will it take for my order to reach me?

That depends on how far you are from us. Our base kitchen is in Gk-1, South Delhi. All our riders are ex-racers but at the same time we make sure they drive safely.

Will I need to place my order daily?

No, your full 2weak/4weak day’s diet and meals would be designed and uploaded by our nutritionists at once on your personalised portal. Your nutritionist will decide what you get to eat. Any modifications on request can be done.

What is the deadline for making changes to my order?

For any meal or delivery location modification you will have to let our manager know before 3pm one day prior. You will also get an option to do the same on your personalized portal.

How will I place my order daily?

You don’t need to place your order daily. Our nutritionist will design your plan and will decide what you get to eat daily. If you need any modifications, then you can let us know one day before. Our team will be in touch with you 24/7.


How long the delivery usually takes?

That depends on how far you are from us. Our base kitchen is in Gk-1, South Delhi. All our riders are ex-racers but at the same time we make sure they drive safely.

How does the delivery work?

All meals are delivered individually hot and fresh wherever you go. Your home or office, your diet reaches you everywhere. (Click here to read more about our delivery schedule).

How can I pause delivery for few days or on specific days of week?

This can be done on special request. Just let our manager or nutritionist know who would be assigned to you for 24/7 support.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes, we deliver all meals 365 days a week. It’s tough but we can’t let your fitness goals suffer.

n which areas are you delivering?

We deliver all over Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad

Is there a delivery charge/fee?

No, it is included in your packaged subscription (click here to read more about our more delivery schedule).

Can I change the delivery address?

Yes, your diet food will reach wherever you go. You just need to inform us before 3pm for the next day. An option to do the same will be on your personalized portal too.

How can I track my order?

The rider’s number will be shared with you. You can track his live location too with whatsapp and snapchat.

What are the time slots for meal deliveries?

Lunch is delivered between 12pm-2pm, evening snack is delivered between 4-6pm, Dinner is delivered between 7-9pm.


What are the different modes of payment?

Payment portal is integrated on the website only. You can pay via net banking, credit/debit card, e-wallets. You will receive a welcome email and an invoice instantly on your email when you are done with the same.

Is it safe to pay online at parafit.in?

Yes, absolutely. Our payment portals are licensed, recognized and regulated by top authorities. You don’t have to worry at all. All payments are protected.

My payment order failed but the amount is still debited from my account?

Don’t worry, this happens sometimes due to bad cellular connectivity. The amount will be automatically reversed within 3-4 business days. You can contact us directly if something like this happens.

I need an invoice for my order?

Tax invoice will be sent to your email as soon as you make the payment on our payment gateway.

Can I pay by Cash?

Cash payments are strictly discouraged. Though on special request, arrangements can be made, and you can hand over the cash to the rider when he delivers the first meal.

Can I pay in installments?

No, we don’t have any such provisions yet.


What if I don’t like meals in my diet?

Taste wise, not possible. Our recipes are just the best. We haven’t let the super healthy ingredients sabotage the taste. Preference wise, if you don’t like any meal it can be substituted on special request.

What kind of food can I expect?

We have a vast menu of over 250+ recipes. Click here to have a look at our full exotic menu.

Can I choose the food I want to eat?

No, if we allow that then it won’t be a diet. Your meals will be decided by our nutritionist so that you lose weight in the fastest way. It will of course be planned according to your preferences and likes, dislikes. If you have problems with any meal, then it can be replaced.

What if I get bored of eating the same food?

That’s not possible because we have over 250+ recipes. A meal will hardly repeat itself in your diet.

What if I am allergic to certain ingredients?

All such details will be taken care off in the query form that you will fill up after singing up. Your plan will be designed keeping every such thing in mind.

What if I must take certain supplements?

We try to stay as close to nature as possible so supplements would be rarely advised.

What if I am suffering from a certain disease or situation?

All such details will be taken care off in the query form that you will fill up after singing up. Your plan will be designed keeping every such thing in mind.

Is the food safe for a pregnant woman?

Yes, absolutely. All our plans are focused on whole nutrition and all the recipes are curated to fulfill all your major macro and micro nutrients. Your health is our top priority.

I have wedding/function at home, what can I do

Yes, you don’t have to do anything. Just eat the foods delivered at your doorsteps and your fitness goals will be achieved in the fastest time.


Is the food nutritious enough? How can I know?

Yes, absolutely. All our plans are focused on whole nutrition and all the recipes are curated to fulfill all your major macro and micro nutrients. More over each meal delivered to you will have its nutritional information labelled on it.

Can I tell you my nutritional requirements?

Yes, our nutritionist will discuss everything in detail with you while designing your plan.

Will my macro requirements be taken care of?

Yes, of course. We care for your health more than you do. We wont let you compromise on it. Don’t worry!!

I just conceived, will my nutrition requirements be taken care off.

Yes, absolutely. This is the time when you should focus on your health the most since your child eats what you eat. Our plans and foods will be focused on providing you with all the nutrition you need.

Will someone be in touch with me daily?

Yes, you will 24/7 support. This is how we make sure that you show results. We will do regular follow ups and progress tracking.

When and how will you ask for all my details like height, weight etc?

Once you sign up and login, you will get a query form to fill up. All such details would be taken care off there. Your plan will be designed keeping in mind every minute detail.