Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food you suggest? Are they all fancy?

No, our plans are customized according to your needs and preferences so we will suggest you the diet which is easily available and affordable.

How many kg can I lose in a month?

With the meal plan we aim upto 6-7 kgs but that depends on your body type. For the best results you can go for our combo plan.

Can I take my pcod tablets along with your meal plan?

Yes you can but pcod can be reversed by just correcting the diet, and our custom meal plan for pcod is the best.

I don’t have time to workout so is it okay if I just follow the diet and don’t exercise?

Yes our meal plan alone is very efficient for giving you the desired results.

What to do if the meals you suggest aren’t affordable or available nearby?

our plans are customized according to your preferences, so you won’t face any problem like that but still if you want to change something you can contact us and we will tell you the substitute.

Why to choose you over other nutritionists?

At ParaFit our only competition is with ourselves. We wont comment on what others are providing but we can commit that you will have an amazing experience with us as our main mission is to transform a person’s mind, body and soul and we are determined to that. With us you will not only loose weight but also gain sufficient knowledge and awareness about fitness in general that will change your life.

Will we be given boiled food and salads to lose weight?

Not at all, we focus on whole foods and nutrition and even include foods like pasta, pancakes, burgers, sushi, popcorn etc in the plan so that it can be followed consistently.

Will I feel weak and experience hair fall, dull skin etc with this diet?

Not at all, we do a complete vitamin profiling before giving out the meal plan so all your mineral and vitamin intake is monitored leaving you with healthy hair, skin and eyes.

I just delivered and became a mom. Can I follow the meal plan?

Yes, post-pregnancy your body is weak and needs the right nutrition to recover so it becomes all the more important to focus on your diet and nutrition at this time. All our plans focus on whole foods and nutrition and we will never make you starve.

Can I follow the diet even if I'm working and don't find much time to cook?

Yes, all the meals that we give are easy to cook and carry. Also, out nutritionists would be 24*7 in touch with you so if you forgot to carry a meal with you, you can ask them for a substitute right away

Is there any guarantee that I see results?

Yes, of course, we have a money back guarantee in which your money will be refunded if you don’t see any results within a month(T&C Apply.)

Do you advice to take supplements along with the diet?

We don’t encourage artificial supplements and believe in keeping the diet as close to nature as possible, but still if the macro requirement can’t be met due to client’s routine then we will have to include minimalistic supplements.

When will I get my custom diet/training plan after the payment?

It generally takes us 3-4 days to make a magical customized plan for you.

Super Shred Workout

I am working out since past one year but can’t see much results can you help me?

Getting results get easier when you have a muscle and mind connection while exercising. Maybe your form isn’t correct or maybe you are not eating right. With the training plan you will get the follow along videos and tutorials

I had a knee injury last year, how can I do workout easily ?

Yes you can, our training plans are specially tailored according to your body type, and we will design the best suited plan for you.

Is it possible to lose 15 kgs in a month ?

Losing weight and transformation is a long process, you can’t achieve it overnight but We can aim for 8 kg if combined with the meal plan.

Tips to reduce belly fat?

Follow a proper exercise and a diet routine

I don't have access to a gym, can you help me?

Yes, absolutely, we have a custom training plan-At Home with which you can work all your muscle groups without even stepping out of your room. Strength training, cardio, H.I.I.T, core workouts- everything at home.

Detox Diet

What kind of drink it is?

It is not a drink it’s a 7 day meal which consists of basically homemade foods and smoothies!

Do I have to take supplements as well in detox ?

No, its just the diet which we suggest.

Can I seriously lose 5 kgs in 7 days?

Yes you can and maybe more than that.

I smoke so can it clear out my lungs too?

The detox plan focuses on giving your body a deep cleanse including all the toxins accumulated due to smoking and bad eating habits.