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Of millions of people to eat tasty food and yet lose weight in the fastest way without compromising on their social life.
Make fitness a routine.

Tailor Made Meal Plans

Furthermore easily blend in the meal plans with your daily routines. Pasta’s, burgers, pancakes etc, all your cravings will be taken care of.

Shred Fat Super Fast

Above all, custom made fat burning workouts will follow along with videos, so that you can easily accommodate them in your daily routine.


Start your fitness journey together with your friend, sign up together and each one of you will get flat 20% off on all our services. Get strong together.

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Meal Plans

(Custom plan)

custom meal plan
  • Diet regimes tailored finally to reach your fitness goals.

  • Rather, easy to follow plans for your lifestyle.

  • Get access to ParaFits’s exclusive platform.

  • Rather, eat your favorite food & get real results real fast.

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Training Plans

(Custom plan)

custom training plan
  • Tailored regime to torch fat & build muscle.

  • HIIT, Core and Strength Training regimes.

  • While u also boost your hormones to gain real mass.

  • Follow along with videos for all the exercises.

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(Training Program)

hiit lean
  • High; intensity interval training.

  • The after-burn effect due to the isodynamic intervals.

  • As a result, shred fat & build muscle faster.

  • Reap the benefits of VO2 Max.

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(Training Program)

ab attack
  • 4-week workout to get the abs of steel.

  •  For the tightening of your core muscles.

  • Improve your balance, stability & posture.

  • Develop a fully toned waistline.

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My story.

how I transformed my body!

before paraj
  • Who am I?
  • My story.

Paraj Primlani is a certified nutritionist and a fitness maniac who has transformed his life over the past 3 years and is now keen on doing the same for others.

He lives by only one mission now that is to positively impact the lives of millions of people by helping them lose weight, transform their bodies and live a long, healthier and a better life.


When he’s not transforming the life of other’s, Paraj is a Delhi guy who’s pursuing his career in chartered accountancy and finance. He is a big believer in hard work and lives every day with passion, following his own personal motto: “Have the power to create your own reality”.

Paraj embarked on his journey into fitness more than three years ago and ever since his sole initiative has been to learn and to grow in the same field.


His dramatic and remarkable journey was full of many ups and downs which makes it worth sharing with you all…


Struggling with weight and obesity throughout his teenage years, Paraj suffered from many ailments and social apathy. The feeling of being unable to participate in any intense physical activities became a huge cause for dejection…..

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"It doesn't get easier, you get stronger."

- Paraj Primlani

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