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a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

a healthy life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

What sets us apart? We aren’t dieticians, we’re nutritionists.


Start your fitness journey & choose your plan!

Custom Meal Plans

Get a fully customized diet plan for burning fat and building muscles. Lose upto 6-7 kgs in a month and get the body you have always wanted


Customised Super Shred Plan

Get a blasting combo of our customised diet and workout plan for the fastest results in shortest time.


Therapeutic Diets

Reverse PCOD/PCOS, Diabetes management, Pregnancy/Prenatal, Acne, IBS; whatever your ailment is, nutrition has a solution for it


10-Days Detox Cut Diet

Full body cleanse and lose upto 5kgs in just 7 days with our bestselling detox diet. Reduce the bloating, acne, hair fall within a week.


Food Delivery (Delhi NCR)

Healthy & delicious food delivered as tailored to your diet plan wherever you go. Get your healthy meal subscription delivered in Delhi & NCR



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Everything you need. Just One App.

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How I transformed my body

Who am I?

Paraj Primlani is a certified nutritionist and a fitness maniac who has transformed his life with diet over the past 3 years and is now keen on doing the same for others with a plan.

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My Story

Paraj embarked on his journey into fitness more than three years ago and ever since his sole initiative has been to learn and to grow in the same field.

Our Instagram speaks for the magic that we've created.

Fitness Gyaan!

Our fitness blog with free tips and recipes



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