Custom Training Plan


One month’s subscription of custom training plan with an effective mix of HIIT, strength training, core and cardio protocols to give you the physique you always dreamt of. Tailored workout keeping your fitness level, goals, routine and time availability in mind. Step by step in depth exercise description with follow along workout videos to keep your form in check.Get a tailor made workout!



Are you clueless about what to do when you step into the gym and spend your time doing endless cardio?
When you have a plan in hand, you can get optimum results in the shortest time.
Imagine a training plan which gives you an optimum mix of cardio, strength training, core exercises and H.I.I.T.
Our custom training plan is designed according to your fitness levels, routine and stamina targeting the specific body parts you need work on.
Incenrate your belly fat in the fastest way in just 90 minutes.
All workouts for a month planned in a calendar form on your mobile phones on the go.
Each exercise has an in-depth exercise description and follow along workout video to keep the form in check.
If you’re not satisfied with your existing workout routine, do try our custom training plan and see the magic we do helping you carve your dream body in the fastest time ???

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