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Manage Your Health With 9-6 Job

By January 25, 20192 Comments

Who knew that sitting all day could be so challenging? Just because you sit in the same spot for eight hours a day job doesn’t mean you should forget about working out and taking care of your health!


If you work 9-6 you know you should be healthier, but there is nothing you can do in your busy schedule!  The main concern growing behind this is weight gain, body ache, anxiety, lethargy, and dehydration

Working 9-5 desk job pretty much limits you from doing a lot of stuff including working out! But don’t worry we have found ways to make it work, make healthy choices and not let the desk life get in the way of a healthy lifestyle



Every hour on the hour – get up, give your eyes a break from the screen, and walk around for a few minutes. Think of it as a mental reset – take your long calls outside in the park or in the lobby, refill up your water bottle often. This will give you a break from your desk and more of walking time.



All. Day. Long! Like we always say that water is the solution to everything. It can help with headaches, cramping, and the sleepy slump you face when the clock hits 2:30 pm. Don’t worry we are here to rescue you with daily healthy meals tailored according to your body type will solve all your vitamin and mineral deficiency!

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Going for food that’s rich in vegetables and healthy protein is the best way to stay healthy and energetic. Know what you eat and keep count on your macros, you can control your weight more easily this way. Want tasty healthy cooked meals tailored according to your diet at your doorstep each time? Check this out

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Drinking too much coffee throughout the day can make it difficult to fall asleep at night, and losing sleep is the best way to sabotage your health. If you feel low on energy in the afternoon try fruit or juice rich in vitamin C instead of coffee.




Many office workers develop back problems, backache will worsen your mood and make it difficult to sleep at night. Don’t let sitting at a desk ruin better of you. Take every opportunity possible to stand up and engage your back muscles. You can take a phone call while standing up and gently bending your upper body to either side, there are few stretches you can do to cure the stiff body.



Skipping happy hour is not only great for your finances but also good for your health. If you spend a majority of your day sitting, beer calories will simply add inches to your waistline. Many people find social value in going to happy hour but find a healthy substitute for this, you can meet up with friends to go jogging instead. We will provide you with the meals which will not only enhance your physical health but mental also! You won’t need the support of alcohol to boost up your mood with our healthy meals.


Sleep is a human necessity, but the truth is that most of us are sleep deprived. According to researchers, adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep for your body to function properly. A night of good sleep helps your muscles and joints recover well for the next day’s workout and occupational activities. It also improves


your mood, making you cheerful and positive.parafit sleep


Speaking of the 2:30 pm laziness, B12 is an awesome natural supplement that can help with your energy levels. Therefore start taking B12 supplements and notice a significant boost in your energy levels throughout the day. If you are feeling ready to hit the hay mid-afternoon, give B12 a try! ParaFit Delivers ensures that your meals are vitamin and minerals packed!

There you have it! I promise you – it’s not impossible. With a little effort, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle while maintaining your 9-5 office job and with a little extra prep, discipline + the right mindset, you can be a warrior from 9-5, and in the gym! Our meal plans and training plans have transformed over 1500+ lives and we never compromise with health, taste or lifestyle! Starting up with this amazing idea of delivering meals tailored according to your body type will make your life a hell lot of easier!