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The Monsoon Fitness Guide 2.0

By August 10, 2021No Comments

The Monsoon Fitness Guide 2.0


Finally, as the monsoon arrived we got some relief from the scorching heat but along with the relief, monsoon brings certain problems also along with it e.g, humidity, skin diseases, an excessive number of mosquitos etc. because of which instead of enjoying the weather, we often end up falling sick because we don’t take the necessary precautions to stay fit. But don’t worry, we have few hacks for you to help you stay fit this monsoon.



  • Focus on boosting your immunity

    Since the chances of falling sick increase during the rainy season, we need to take special care of our immunity system so that we can enjoy this season instead of cursing it. Include colorful foods in your diet like carrot, broccoli, ginger, turmeric, etc. that not only boost your immunity but also keep your skin and hair healthy.


  • Stay hydrated

    To compensate for the loss of water because of sweat in this humid weather, keep yourself hydrated. No, we aren’t asking you to hydrate yourself by just drinking water, you can eat fruits with a high percentage of water e.g watermelon, strawberries, papaya, etc. Also, you can opt for green tea, lemon water, etc.


  • Follow a good skincare routine

    The constant sweating due to the humidity levels in the air affects our skin adversely. To maintain healthy skin, wash your face twice daily, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen even if the sun might not be shining. Also, don’t forget to take a shower if you get drenched in the rain as otherwise, you might get acne or any other skin disease.


  • Don’t forget to detox

    Our mind surely gets detoxified during monsoon because of the beautiful weather but our body also needs detoxification. Get 10 days magical detox cut diet, which is scientifically designed in 5 phases with detox food delivered at your doorsteps only at ParaFit Delivers and NO! Detox is not just about liquids. So, continue to feed the best detox food to your body and feel healthy inside and out. Healthier gut, glowing skin, and better breath you name it –Detox has it all. Get your body detox done by us.


  • Don’t forget to do some physical activity

    We know that you might not be able to go for a run or a walk because of the rain. We are mentioning few outdoor activities that you can perform even when it’s raining and yes, you will enjoy them too ????

  1. Dance

    Even 15 minutes of dancing will leave you sweaty and all pumped up and we are sure if you make it to 15 minutes you might not stop for the next 15 minutes because dancing releases dopamine in your body and who doesn’t want that?

  2. Yoga

    Yoga not only provides you strength and flexibility but also relaxes your mind after a hectic day. You will get many videos on YouTube where you can learn how to make the right pose.

  3. Bodyweight workout

    You can perform many workouts at home to keep yourself fit this monsoon e.g crunches, squats, lunges, leg raises, etc.


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