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Smoking and Weight loss

By December 10, 2018No Comments

If you smoke regularly or know anyone who smokes a lot, you may have noticed a change in your or their weight. Don’t feel victory if you have lost some weight due to smoking! Losing weight that way is the most horrible thing you can do with your body! And it shouldn’t be followed or advised at any cost.

I will not tell you here how smoking affects your lungs, your brain, and your overall health. Every smoker knows that it’s depleting  their health,  but they easily fall back on the excuse “if I quit smoking ill gain weight” or “it’s keeping me slim” or “ I just smoke once a day it doesn’t matter


Even if you smoke just 1 or 2 cigarettes every day, there is bound to be a collective action which can lead to weight loss. If you are feeling tired lately, there are chances that your body is getting worn out and your health is draining! Cigarette contains nicotine which makes it addictive. Once you get into the habit of having even just one cigarette a day, your appetite will start to fall, the main reason behind this is, nicotine suppresses the appetite and form a layer on your tongue which makes food look unappetizing to you.

Cigarette addicts often prefer having smoke rather than having food. This does make them lose weight but in reality, their body becomes calorie and nutrient deficient.

Also, your blood vessel starts to shrink due to smoke and narrow down and cause a bad effect on your stomach functioning. This is why you stop feeling hungry and start to lose weight. With losing weight you also start losing your body at the same time.

But have you heard smokers say that “I tried quitting for while and it made me fat

Yes! That is the one correct thing they said. Once you leave smoking, you get back to your normal eating habits and sometimes end up eating more than the usual in order to suppress the smoking cravings.


Smoking is not the way if you wish to lose weight, it makes you weak and not thin. Smoking only means diseases and permanent health issues for the future. Weight loss should be a healthy process after which your skin has a glow and your health parameters are on point.

But any weight-loss or weight-maintenance benefits that come from smoking are just illusions. It causes health risks like heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, emphysema to name a few. Smoking affects your ability to absorb the nutrients you consume.   People who are chain smokers aren’t usually thin because, despite an increased metabolism, people who smoke heavily around 20 cigarettes a day tend to be overweight or obese than people who smoke around 4-5. Chain smoking increases insulin resistance and causes fat to be stored in the abdomen area.

Some of you may think that you can smoke as much as you can in a day following up with a full-fledged steam room session the next day! Then smokers! You are totally wrong. STEAM BATH DOESN’T HEAL YOUR LUNGS!


After quitting your metabolism slows down, and you burn fewer calories (about 100 fewer per day). but most of the weight gain is due to an increase in eating because food tastes better once you’ve quit, or you opt for food instead of a cigarette when you feel stressed or bored.  You may also want to binge on sugary snacks as they suppress some of the withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine. Nicotine raises the blood sugar in your body and interferes with hormones and other signals that trigger hunger & when you quit smoking and your blood sugar declines, your feelings of hunger may increase.

TIP:  It is easy to fight off by eating healthier foods and exercising often with the fresh set of lungs you have.



Exercise at least 5 times a week to keep your weight control and for managing smoking withdrawal symptoms, maybe at first you may find that you are short of breath or can’t exercise for a long period of time because of lung damage, but don’t lose hope! As your lungs and the rest of your body get stronger, you’ll find you have more stamina. If you are new to exercising, ParaFit will help you with your workout routine & meal plan which is healthy and can detoxify your body of all the toxins you stored in your body because of smoking! Your body is the reflection of who you are, don’t suffocate yourself with the toxic smoke and opt for a healthier life.


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