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Food And Nutrition Tips For Self Quarantine

By June 17, 2020No Comments

The stress of daily life is mounting for all of us. From supply shortages, to worries over sick loved ones but one thing is there for us: Our kitchens. In many ways, our stay-at-home orders have revived a newfound joy of cooking and eating. Likewise, good nutrition is regarded crucial for maintaining good health, especially now when a strong immune system might need to fight the virus. It’s a time to feed our body, mind and soul with good, wholesome food. So, let’s take a look of healthy habits we should be cultivating right now.


  • Listen to your hunger signals – Stress eating can lead to overeating and rapid weight gain. To better cope with the issue and constantly going for food instead to stop, have a glass of water and listen to your body to see if you’re truly hungry. Try to avoid overeating it’s best to develop alternative strategies for managing emotions like reading, dancing or simply indulging in your favourite hobby.


  • Add activity to your daily routine – To learn how to perform certain exercises check out your YouTube page! There are considerable number of videos with home and no-equipment exercise sessions to follow.



There’s no arguing that exercise can help most people lose weight and your exercise options can be numerous like walking, doing household chores.


  • Integrate whole grains into your meals – Oatmeal, lentils, whole-grain pasta and cereals are plentiful sources of fiber, iron, and magnesium, and some cereals are also fortified with Vitamin D. Try adding these to your diet instead to subtracting a whole food group, which can later result in nutritional deficiency.


  • Stay Hydrated -Gulp down a lot of water! “Give a break to caffeine and stay hydrated”. It’s easy to drink coffee, carbonated or other caffeinated drinks all day to keep you going, but don’t forget water.


  • Load Up on Vitamin C – “Supporting our immune system goes beyond drinking orange juice all day. Other food sources of vitamin C are broccoli strawberries, kiwi and just eating the orange itself! A yogurt drink, has been shown to support our immune system as well, try Kefir or Yakult.


  • Make Some Good Daily Habits – Nuts and nut butters are a great staple food that can fill you up to avoid stress and bored eating, but also provide some nutrients that may be missing that you need for immune health like vitamin E and Zinc. Don’t forget to load up on fruits and veggies.



Sometimes a poor diet can also lead to overeating, as a lack of certain nutrients can trigger our body into looking for a source of these nutrients elsewhere. We at ParaFit, provide customised diet plans and help you set up a balanced diet plan that works perfectly for you and your body’s unique needs.