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The Truth About Juice Cleanse

By March 4, 2018No Comments

Chances are you have heard of, or even done a juice cleanse. It is one of the latest fads that have been going around.

If you don’t know what a juice cleanse it, it is a period where you don’t eat any food, but rather just drink juice from fruits and vegetables. These periods can last from a few days to a whole month. I’ve even heard of some people going longer to cleanse their body or lose weight. Some even do it because they believe it is healthy for them.

Going on a juice cleanse is different than the smoothies that many of us make, as when you juice raw fruits and veggies, you are only extracting and consuming the juice, rather than the entire food. This juice extraction means that you are missing much of the fiber than your body would receive from consuming the whole fruit or veggie, making it easier for your body to digest.

The truth is, there are some benefits to doing a short juice cleanse and can even be recommended for a quick boost.

What Are Some Benefits of a Juice Cleanse?

  • Weight Loss: When you go on a juice cleanse you will notice a sudden weight drop as you lose your excess water weight. You also lose weight because you are cutting out fat from your diet and lowering your calorie intake. This, however, is a short-term fix and would not continue on a long juice diet. This is why it is important to switch to eating clean, whole foods once you are off your diet to maintain healthy fat loss.
  • More Energy: Many people who go on a juice cleanse find that they have more energy and are more focused due to the quick absorption of carbohydrates and the added hydration.
  • Getting in More Veggies: Because you are drinking nothing but juice, and it takes a lot of veggies and fruit to make juice, you will be consuming a full serving, if not more, of veggies every day.
  • Cravings: Most people find that after three days on a juice cleanse, their cravings for unhealthy food subsidies, allowing them to better stick to a healthy diet after the cleanse. It can also help to get rid of caffeine dependency.
  • Create New Habits: After you get rid of your cravings, it is much easier to begin new, healthier habits. This can create lasting health effects and make your fat loss long-term, rather than a temporary fix.
  • Overall Wellness: A juice cleanse can help you feel less sluggish, deal with breakouts and help with bloating.

The key to a juice cleanse is that you only want to do them for a few days at a time, rather than weeks or more. The reason you don’t want to do a juice cleanse for a prolonged period of time is because you could eventually damage your metabolism and you would be restricting your body of other nutrients that it needs.

You also don’t want to do a juice cleanse if you are undergoing chemotherapy, diabetic, have kidney disease, or you are already nutritionally deficient. If you are diabetic, the added sugar consumption can raise blood sugar levels and cause them to have blurry vision, excessive hunger, thirst, and feel fatigued.

A juice cleanse is meant for someone who is already relatively healthy and needs to reset their diet and begin new healthy eating habits. You should check with your doctor and make sure that you can safely complete a juice cleanse.

Being on a juice cleanse can be beneficial, with many of the benefits coming once you have completed the cleanse. Once you have finished, you should stick to a diet of clean, whole foods in order to keep the short-term effects you saw during your cleanse and turn them into long-term health.


Once you are finished with your juice cleanse you can make sure to stay on track with your diet and make sure you are eating clean, with the right portions for your body. The best way to make sure you are eating for you, is to get on a, where we tell you what to eat, when and how much, all according to the foods you like, dislike and what is best for your particular body.